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#1. When measuring a learner’s self-hitting behavior, if you record 6 hits in a 2-hour session as 3x/hour, which type of measurement did you use?

Here’s why the other options are not applicable:

  • Count: Count simply refers to the total number of occurrences of a behavior, which in this case is 6 hits.
  • Duration: Duration refers to the length of time the behavior is observed, which is 2 hours in this case.
  • Interresponse time: Interresponse time (IRT) refers to the time between two instances of a behavior. It wouldn’t be directly calculated from just the total count and duration.

Rate, on the other hand, expresses the frequency of a behavior per unit of time. By dividing the number of counts (6 hits) by the duration (2 hours), you get the rate of self-hitting behavior as 3 hits per hour.

Official Test vs. Our Mock Test: A Comparative Overview

Official Test:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Total Questions: 85
  • Scored Questions: 75
  • Unscored Questions: 10 (pre-tested for future exams, not counted towards the final score)
  • Passing Marks: 68

Content Areas and Distribution:

  • Measurement: 12 questions
  • Assessment: 6 questions
  • Skill Acquisition: 24 questions
  • Behavior Reduction: 12 questions
  • Documentation and Reporting: 10 questions
  • Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice: 11 questions

Our Mock Test:

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Total Questions: 35
  • Scored Questions: 35
  • Unscored Questions: 0
  • Passing Marks: 28

Content Areas and Distribution:

  • Measurement: 5 questions
  • Assessment: 3 questions
  • Skill Acquisition: 12 questions
  • Behavior Reduction: 5 questions
  • Documentation and Reporting: 5 questions
  • Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice: 5 questions

What to Expect:

  1. 35 In-Depth Practice Questions: Engage with a diverse set of 35 practice questions meticulously designed to cover crucial RBT exam areas. Each question is crafted to reflect real-world scenarios, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges ahead.
  2. Detailed Explanations: Gain a deep understanding of each question with our detailed explanations. We provide insights and reasoning behind the correct answers, allowing you to grasp essential concepts and enhance your problem-solving skills.

Why Use Our Mock Exam:

  • Convenience: No sign-up required! Simply access the mock exam and start your preparation journey immediately. We value your time and make the process hassle-free.
  • Realistic Scenario Simulation: Our questions are crafted to mirror the challenges you’ll face in the actual RBT certification exam. Practice in a simulated environment to build confidence and familiarity with the test format.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Tackle a broad spectrum of topics to ensure you’re well-versed in all aspects of the RBT exam. Our questions provide a comprehensive review of the skills and knowledge required for success.

How to Use the Mock Exam:

  1. Self-Assessment: Gauge your current understanding of RBT concepts and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Focused Study: Use the detailed explanations to target specific areas of weakness and reinforce your understanding.
  3. Time Management Practice: Mimic the time constraints of the actual exam to enhance your ability to manage time effectively during the test.

Prepare with confidence using our Free RBT Mock Exam, and take a step closer to achieving your RBT certification! 🌟


2 responses to “Free RBT Mock Exam 1 with Solutions – No Sign-up Needed! 🚀”

  1. Madli Mangum Avatar
    Madli Mangum

    Some of the questions are too subjective and broad. While I was looking for more applied questions to practice and prep for exam, I found these questions to cause more confusion.
    Also, multiple questions that were answered correctly are marked as incorrect.
    Please review the questions to assure that they truly reflect the scope of RBT’s responsibilities.

    1. Hi Madli,

      Thank you for your feedback on the RBT exam prep questions. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

      We understand your concerns about the subjectivity and breadth of some questions, as well as the marking of potentially correct answers as incorrect.

      To improve your experience and ensure the questions accurately reflect the RBT’s responsibilities, we’d like to take the following steps:

      Review Specific Questions: Could you please tell us which specific questions you found confusing? This will allow us to analyze them and ensure clarity for future users.

      Investigate Incorrect Markings: If you encountered any questions you believe were marked incorrectly, please let us know the question numbers or provide a brief description. We’ll double-check the answers and explanations to ensure accuracy.

      Our goal is to provide you with the best possible preparation for the RBT exam. By working together and addressing your specific concerns, we can make sure the questions are focused, relevant, and accurately reflect the RBT’s role.

      Thank you again for your feedback!


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